Writing about yourself is the hardest. But when I write about Zelolepo, I am actually writing about values I live and give forward through my products. What do I wish to communicate and encourage in my customer? To buy with deliberation, keen taste and consciously. To choose products that have a long life span, are made with a touch of expert skill, and are not burdened by fashion trends. My impetus is to connect to the channel of creativity and through the creative process produce a one of a kind product that resonates with you. When I am not working on custom orders, I listen to myself, my most delicate inclinations and my sense of color, harmony, rhythm and composition.

My education: I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile and fashion design. I received my diploma with flying colors in 2005. I am a dyslectic with scotopic sensitivity syndrome.

I started working in 2001 in my workshop in Nebotičnik building in Kranj with two friends, Katja and Maja. Since 2007, I am creating Zelolepo independently. I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and am a mother to my daughter Ajda and wife to my husband Marko.

My name is Edita.

+386 31 37 99 99


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